August 1 Ísafjörður

We arrived at Ísafjörður in the fjord of Skutulsfjörður this morning. At 5 AM I woke and thought we were close to our berth, but it arrived at the actual harbor three hours later.

Ísafjörður is too small to have a pier large enough for the Queen Elizabeth so she had to berth offshore, and we took tenders to the dock. Two of the lifeboats are the tenders and they were busy traveling back and forth all day. The boat under our room was one of the tenders and it was a surprise to have it gone.

Since our excursion to Vigur Island was not until noon, we spent some time walking around the small town looking for Icelandic sweaters. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any that fit. But Dino had a good time at the harbor with Uncle Ralph:

We also saw a black headed gull and a raven at the harbor:

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