August 1 Vigur Island

Later we took a thirty-minute boat ride to Vigur Island – a small island that is the home to one family where they collect and clean eider duck down in addition to showing tourists around. They have a lovely little café where they serve the tourists date bread, rhubarb pie, and a multi-layer cake. But the main attraction is the birds – artic terns, puffins, and many more.

Even though we went for the birds, the first creatures we spotted were seals lounging on the rocks offshore:

Then we saw puffins, hanging out near the old windmill on a big rock:

Dino tried to see the puffins but one of the tourists got in his way:

Then we saw one puffin carrying a meal back to his burrow:

And there were thousands of puffins out on the water waiting to dive for fish with an artic tern closer to the shore:

Along the first part of the way there are may artic tern nests and the terns get homicidal if you get too close to their nests. The tour guide encourages everyone to carry and wave one of their flag sticks, but people still got so busy taking pictures of the birds, they would forget. As far as I saw only one tourist got pecked and he was not injured, just startled.

Artic terns landing at their nest:

Their chick:

More chicks near the path:

A puffin at his burrow:

Dino having his snack at the café with our tour guide and The Horse in the background:

The old windmill at Vigur:

An eider duck with a duckling and two black guillemots in the background:

The community on Vigur Island:

A red shank on a rock near the pier:

Good-bye to Vigur Island!

Coming back to Ísafjörður, the Queen Elizabeth dominated the harbor:

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