More and more quilts!

Since I enjoyed stitching bargello in needlepoint, I decided to make a bargello quilt. This one is Fireworks Bargelle, from a pattern I purchased on Etsy:

Then I made a quilt for my friend, Chris, who loves the sea. This is a classic pattern called Storm at Sea and I made it will all sorts of fabric with ocean themes:

After that, I had ti make a quilt for Chris’ Mom, Julie. This is called Morris Medley and uses fabrics based on Morris & Company designs:

Our friends, Dianne and Michael bought a house so for a house warming present I made them a design called Labyrinth with space oriented fabrics:

For the backing I used some of the leftover border fabric:

Then our nephew Gabriel wanted a chicken quilt – he raises chickens so this was not surprising. I used another Etsy pattern as well as a free pattern I found online (for the chicks and eggs) and reverse engineered nesting chickens. Gabe loves his quilt!

With leftover blocks I made a matching pillowcase:

Just for fun, I made a throw size quilt from bright colors using a free pattern called Picnic using more of the Kansas Trouble fabric, It went to one of Kristy’s sons:

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