Yet more quilts

Since I was having fun making quilts, I dug out a kit for one that I had gotten at an estate sale, called Warp & Weft. It turn out pretty good and was easy to make. This went to Carson:

Bonus cat picture – Khufu approved of the new quilt.

Next was to tackle some of the Kansas Troubles quilt fabric I got in the same sale. I made a Curvy Log Cabin pattern from Jordan Fabrics. I’m keeping this one to go on my great aunt’s bed:

With more of the Kansas Troubles fabric, I decided to make a classic Irish Chain quilt. I gave it to one of Kristy’s sons:

My sister Barbara heard I was making quilts and gave me some fabric a friend of hers had dyed. I used a pattern called Cats on Cats:

Then while on vacation, Ralph spotted a quilt panel he loved so we bought that and I made him another quilt. This one was made from a pattern supplied by the company that produced the fabric, In the Beginning:

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