Saturday, 14 September – ESP Norwich tour, St. John’s Cathedral, Norwich vs. Manchester

Today we took the coach from Bury St Edmunds to Norwich. When we got to Norwich, we had a coach tour of the town. We didn’t know why until later but it seemed strange that so many crowds were there with Morris dancers scattered throughout the town.

Ancient walls are all over Norwich

Norwich Castle

Our first stop was at St. Johns Cathedral. It is a beautiful structure, but all the tours included a lot of stair climbing. Since I was not up to that and we needed to do some shopping, Ralph and I took a cab to take care of our business and met the group back at the cathedral to take the coach (bus) to the hotel.

When we checked into our hotel, we found out there was a big football (soccer) match between the Norwich Canaries and Manchester that evening – and our hotel was right next door to the stadium. The hotel bar was packed with fans preparing to go to the game and it was very noisy. Manchester was high in the standings, while Norwich was low, so when the Canaries won 3 -2 the town was ecstatic. Here are people headed to the match from the town center.

And a view across Norwich as Ralph tested the new zoom lens we bought for his camera.

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