8 August Baron Haugh and into the Trossachs

The next morning, we drove up to the RSPB Baron Haugh Wildlife Reserve, part of the Dalziel Estate.

We saw a lot of birds!


Wood dove

Swans, cygnets, and some ducks

Green sandpiper

Water rail

Velvet scooters


Then we drove through the Trossachs to the Inversnaid Hotel on the east side of Loch Lomond, arriving just as the sun went behind the mountains on the west side of the loch:

ur room had a great view of a waterfall and woodland beyond:

A hooded crow was hunting for dinner on the far side:

And a pine marten was barely visible in the dusk:

The room was fantastic, with that wonderful view and a nice walk-in shower. The only problem was that out in the middle of a wildlife preserve, internet connections were non-existent, as was a cell signal. This is why my blog entries are far behind reality. First, I take far too many pictures and it takes a long time to review, select, and edit the ones I want to use in the blog. Then I have to write the entries and make final decisions on the pictures. And too many nights I am too tired to do any of that.

I hope to get caught up before we leave the UK. 😉

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