August 5 Arrival in Greenock

Greenock is the port for Glasgow:

A view up the Clyde River from the ship:

A couple of cormorants flying by:

A seagull taking a break on a life raft under our balcony:

The Queen Elizabeth arrived at what is normally a shipping container dock. The port personnel used containers to designate the paths in and out of the building here people were being processed. With our huge amount of luggage, we had help from two ship stewards and they took us straight through – no customs, no checks, nothing. I guess we had been cleared by the British Border Force officers who checked our passports, but we have not received a stamp in ours yet – do they not do that anymore?

We took a cab from the pier and he was kind enough to take us to a shopping area where we got SIM cards for Ralph’s phone and my tablet, plus I used an ATM to get cash. Then he drove us to the Holiday Inn at the Glasgow Airport.

We spent the day trying to organize our stuff and I posted some of my pre-written messages with pictures here on the blog. We had dinner at the excellent restaurant in the hotel. The rooms are very basic, not a lot of room or frills, but this hotel is intended for the traveler who is there to catch an early flight or who has arrived and just wants a stopover before the rest of their journey.

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