August 3 Day at sea

On the third, we had breakfast and got to see a whale – not much of it, just a bit of back, a glimpse of a fin, and several blows. After breakfast we had to take our passports to be examined by the UK Border Force who kept the passports of all non-UK citizens. They promised to return them in Dublin, which was of great concern to me since we are not going to Dublin. I did not sleep at all well.

Then Ralph went to a couple of lectures – Steve Rivellino, “Berlin Cabaret – 1920 through 1940s” and Penny Legg, “We All Pulled Together…Didn’t We?” (about crime in Britain during World War II. I met him later for a lecture by Dr. Joe Golden, “Waterspouts: The Wet-whirlwind Cousin to the Tornado.”

We added another hour at noon so now we are on UK time – or GMT +1.  As I have learned, the UK has its own version of Daylight Savings Time over the summer, so it is not on GMT 0. I’ll have to check when it changes, since it probably will do it while we are still in the UK.

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