Two projects finished!

Here we are half way through the year and I only have two of the nine projects on my challenge list completed. Well, it’s not really that bad – I am about half finished with two others, but I haven’t touched them in several months.


Meadow Medley taught by Luan Callery, an Embroiderer’s Guild of America Group Correspondence Course that I am taking with the Canopy Road Chapter (Tallahassee, FL) is DONE!

I’m also basically finished with It’s Knot the Usual taught by Sue Reed, a project of the CyberPointers Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild:

I still need to stitch a few rows of T stitch around the edges to make life easier for my framer, but that is busy work and will go fast. I’ve gotten about a third of that done already.


Now to concentrate on other projects….

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