Tung Oil vs. Polyurethane on Pine

OK, found the digital!
First shot is tung oil on Southern Yellow Pine, but with dark & pure tung oil combinations. On the right, I wiped pure tung oil on, let it sit, wiped off the excess, then wiped on dark tung oil. On the left, I mixed pure & dark tung oil cut with citrus solvent, then wiped the wood with that combination. To me, they look pretty much the same.

This is our ten year old SYP in a place where it gets little sun.

This is pretty much the most distressed section of floor in our house – right at the kitchen door where all the traffic goes, water gets spilled, cats run around scratching it, etc.

This shot shows the difference between wood protected from and exposed to the sun. For years we had a cabinet sitting on this section. At the top was covered, bottom got sun. Please excuse the dirt – and expect scratches on pine!

We saved some of the prettiest pieces of pine for our cabinets – this is the section of one of the upper shelves we made out of left over flooring. It gets a lot of sun since it is right at the kitchen window. Nice heart pine, considering what we thought we were buying was low quality grade D lumber!

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