Friday, 19 September – Windsor Castle and end of the ESP

Today we left Oxford to drive to Windsor Castle and then the last night of our tour at Heathrow. AS we drove along we saw a lot of birds wheeling above the plowed fields. Later Ralph and I realized they were red kites.

Our first views of Windsor Castle

From the car park we walked through the train station and saw “The Queen” engine.

Windsor Castle

Salisbury Tower

Henry VIII Gate

Models of different versions of the castle

The Middle Ward

The Round Tower

I missed most of the changing of the guard ceremony but here is the relieved guard leaving.

View of the Lower Ward with the crowds gathered for the changing of the guard ceremony.

St George’s Chapel

Views from the North Terrace

Views from the Middle Ward

I stopped at a gift shop to get something to drink and found a bench to take a break. This English robin was hoping I had crumbs to feed him. He hung around at my feet for several minutes.

Windsor Castle is in the pathway for Heathrow Airport so there are airplanes going over constantly.

The Round Tower

The Lower Ward without the crowds

Ralph and I had a few minutes before we had to meet the bus so we walked down to the River Thames where there is a beautiful park below the car park.

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