Tuesday, 20 August –Cairn O’Get, Hill O’ Many Stanes, Grey Cairns of Camster, Dunrobin Castle Falconry, Golspie

First thing today we headed to Cairn O’Get. The parking area was next to Loch Watenan. Across the loch I spotted a harrier or falcon type bird and took some pictures of it – but with the very grey day and the distance, none allows identification:

Cairn O’Get is a fair hike on rough, wet, and slippery paths. We went part way but decided it was not for us and turned back. The scenery with abandoned buildings was interesting:

If you look carefully, you can see the black and white poles that mark the trail on the other side of the valley:

So we went on to the Hill O’ Many Stanes:

Although the site is not far off the highway, it is very peaceful and quiet.

We moved on to the Grey Cairns of Camster.

Dino got caught in one of the thistles!

As we drove down the coast, we stopped at Lybster Harbor for lunch.

We had planned to stop at Cairn Liath, but the parking area was across the highway from the cairn. It was busy enough, we didn’t want to try to cross, so we went on to Castle Dunrobin to see the falconry exhibition:

The falconer with a peregrine falcon and parts of the demonstration of its abilities:

Then he brought out an American Harris hawk:

The Harris hawk flew into the crowd to return to the falconer:

Another peregrine falcon:

Other birds in the falconry:

Golden eagle:

Long eared owl:


Other views of Dunrobin Castle and the gardens:

This night we stayed at the Granite House in Golspie, a very nice B&B.

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