Another project finished!

It’s been slow around here – as far as needlework is concerned. Lots of things have happened to distract me.

First on July 11 our old cypress barn was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Pictures of the history of the barn are at:  Following up with getting most of the debris cleared and power back to the lower barn kept me busy for two weeks.

Then we left to go to the EGA 2017 National Seminar in Asheville, North Carolina. Classes with Ann Strite-Kurz and Laura Smith were great. The resort – the Crowne Plaza Asheville – where the convention was held was not great. The toilet in our room flooded on Friday, August 18, again on Sunday, August 20, and yet again on Monday, August 21. The flooding was caused by lack of maintenance and could have been avoided if the resort did proper maintenance – or if once they had a failure they had replaced the obviously worn out parts!

The worst was on the day of the total eclipse – we’d left the hotel early that morning to meet Ralph’s family in Brasstown at the John C. Campbell Folk School. All of his siblings and their spouses were there as was a niece we hardly ever get to see. We had a fun picnic lunch and it was a great day to watch the eclipse. Our photos and video are at:

We left Brasstown about 3 PM, thinking we’d get back to the hotel in time for dinner. HAH! The roads were packed with all the others who had gone to southwest North Carolina or northwest Georgia to watch the eclipse. Traffic was bumper to bumper, stop and go most of the way back to Asheville. We didn’t get back to the resort until after 9 PM. We found a card with two tickets for free breakfasts – apologizing for our clothes getting wet. Then we realized that the carpet was squishy and there was a machine in the room that hadn’t been there before. The machine was a dehumidifier that had been plugged in but not turned on.

Our dirty clothes on the floor of the closet were sopping wet as was the carpet. We called the front desk and the night supervisor showed up. Although he was all apologetic, he never offered us a dry room or any compensation for staying in a damp room with a squishy wet carpet. After some pressure he did offer to have the night security wash our wet clothes which I assumed would include drying them. Boy, was I wrong. We got to drive home with wet clothes in garbage bags – for three days.

The next morning we left early and headed toward Cade’s Cove via Gatlingburg. An hour out from Asheville I realized I had left my purse in the room of the Crowne Plaza ASheville. We turned around and drove back and finally – for the first time – get to me the assistant general manager, Lori Hollifield. That’s when I learned (Ralph had not told me) that the clothes were still sopping wet – I am not sure if they had even been washed. Ms. Hollifiled had the gall to claim that if we had notified the management of our problems, they could have been solved. I informed her, at volume in the middle of the lobby that we HAD notified the management of every problem as soon as it happened. Until then I was almost satisfied with the compensation (refund of one day’s cost and $100). Given that Ms. Hollifield is blaming her guests on her incompetence, I will make sure to bring up the horrible experience we had staying at the Crowne Plaza Asheville every chance I get.

Other than that, the seminar was fun and I enjoyed my classes and the teachers. Unfortunately since I was worn out by the repeated problems with our room, I’ve already finished one of the projects, Happy Hedgie by Ann Strite-Kurz:

Designed and taught by Ann Strite-Kurz

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