April Progress on my current projects

Nothing very exciting since the last post, but I am making slow progress.


Meadow Medley has not had much more progress – just started outlining the leaves:

Since the last time I posted a picture of the Bok Tower piece I’ve gotten a lot of the front facade stitched. This is just a close up but shows most of what I have gotten done. It is actually pinker than it appears in this picture:


The Fossil Day pictures have much more accomplished. I’ve finished all the rocks and most of the ground on the Mastodon. I was going to finish the ground but decided to leave the lower part for my initials and the date when I am done.

I’ve just started the ground on the Smilodon and only have the far hills stitched. I’ll leave the base of the rock for my initials and date:

Yeah! Progress!

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