Progress on the house is slow

OK, so I haven’t posted here in a long time. August and September, I was busy assembling IKEA cabinets for the kitchen and the bathrooms and other places. October I had jury duty which wore out my knees and I’ve simply been tired from the pain.

But the house has been progressing – slowly. Trim has been going in, replacement doors had to ordered then re-ordered (first ones were wrong, second ones were wrong, one was broken, etc.)

The pine floors turned out gorgeous! We went with Waterlox with Minwax Ipswich Pine stain and with a satin finish. Here’s what they looked like along the way:

Unfinished floor in the living room

First coat of Waterlox Sealer/Finisher with stain mixed in.

First coat in bedroom after the layer dried.

Floor in the bedroom with a couple of coats of Waterlox.

Stairs with two coats, last coat still wet.

Finished floor in the bedroom.

Finished floor in living room with last coat still wet.

It all looks awesome, doesn’t it? More to come…..

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