Thursday, 12 September – ESP morning class, Oxburgh Hall, Ralph’s afternoon in Bury St. Edmunds

Our last class with Chrissie went well and everyone seemed confident that we will be able to complete our projects. We all got to the bus, then realized Ralph had not made it – he missed us by minutes. Since we had no idea where Ralph was, rather than keeping everyone waiting, we went on to  Oxborough to see Oxburgh Hall.

Oxburgh Hall is a lovely 15th century country house with a moat and has always been a family home, not a castle or fortress. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned there and the hall is the home of needlework pieces stitched by her and by Bess of Hardwick.

While we went on to Oxburgh Hall, eating our boxed lunches on the bus, Ralph entertained himself by exploring Bury St. Edmund and visiting the local history museum. Since he had my camera, there are pictures for today of Bury St. Edmunds and none of Oxburgh Hall.

The spires of St. Mary’s Church behind buildings on Angel Hill

The Angel

The Abbey Gate

The Abbey ruins

St Mary’s Church

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