Tuesday, 3 September – RSPB Bempton Cliffs

We spent most of today at RSPB Bempton Cliffs Seabird Centre, which is known for their puffins and gannets. The puffins left about two weeks before we got there, but the gannets were out in force!

As we entered, Dino wanted to visit with the puffin at the entrance:



Rock Dove (or as we know them, feral pigeons):



As you walk along the cliffs, you see various colonies of gannets and their chicks, some almost ready to fledge:


The chicks range in color from light and fluffy (at the upper right, being fed) to dark, almost ready to leave their cliff nests:

The day we were there, a BBC crew was filming the gannets and had a boat out, chumming so they could try to catch gannets diving. I caught one gannet just before it hit the water – if you blow up this picture, directly behind the stern of the boat, the fourth bird back is in a dive:


We also saw a good number of butterflies – not sure what kind this is:

From the last viewpoint you can see two others:

From Bempton Cliffs we went on to Flamborough, but that is another post.

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