Tuesday, 3 September and Wednesday, 4 September – Flamborough and St. Oswald Church, Flamborough Outer Headland

After we left RSPB Bempton Cliffs we drove down to to the town of Flamborough and found St. Oswald’s Church, where my great great grandfather, George Nicholson Pidd had been baptized. It is a lovely little church:

A couple of needlepointed kneelers:

We found some Nicholson tombstones, but they were too late to be George Nicholson’s mother’s parents:

Contact information was posted in the church so we went on to our hotel in Bridlington and called. The woman we reached was the church secretary and we made arrangements to meet her the next morning. She did find one Pidd tombstone, Coulson, but he was the son of one of George Nicholson’s brother and had died at fourteen.

Many of the older tombstones have been removed, since they were no longer legible, and there are many new stones in the graveyard. The parish records are now held in regional archives, but we did not have time to make arrangements to view those. I will have to write them and ask if they have more information.

 We then drove out to Flamborough Outer Headland:

Off the headland we spotted a seal floating in the sea:

The older lighthouse:

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