Thursday, 29 August – The Kelpies, Falkirk Wheel, No Stirling Castle

Our original plan was to go to Stirling Castle, then if there was time, visit the Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel. We didn’t realize that a tour was really the way to go there, but even with a tour, the hike up to the castle and the crowds were intimidating, plus there was no parking to be found.

So we went to the Kelpies. Even with the dark clouds they were impressive!

Swans and cygnets

Carrion crow

With rain threatening we went to the Falkirk Wheel, which was very near the Kelpies.

The Falkirk Wheel works using water as a counterweight and raises or lowers boats so they can travel down the canal system. Without the Wheel, it would take a long series of locks to achieve the same change in altitude.

Now, the public can take a ride up and down in the wheel in one of the tour boats. AS it works, a section with a boat rides up one side of the wheel, while another with an equal weight of water rides down.

The wheel mechanism:

View from the boat as we were going up:

The section we were in coming even with the upper level of the lock:

Towards the back of the boat with the end of our section of the Wheel:

View towards the Kelpies – look for a tower in the middle of the image and the Kelpies are just below it:

Out the other side:

View towards the tunnel that carried the canal ahead:

The tunnel:

The area between the tunnel and the next section of the canal:

Returning to the tunnel:

Out the other side and returning to the Wheel:

More mallards along the canal:


Looking down at the canal:

Across the fields:

Wheel mechanism:

The Wheel from the edge of the lower lock:

The lower lock gate:

Signs we missed on the way in due to the rain:

We stayed in the Travelodge Edinburgh Dreghorn again this night.

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