Tuesday, 27 August – Aberfeldy, The Scottish Crannog Centre, Dundee

As we left the Lodge on Loch Aboyne, we realized they had their own cairn and standing stones:

We headed into the middle of the Cairngorms, to Aberfeldy :

And after lunch, the Scottish Crannog Centre. A crannog is a round building over a body of water:

At the centre, they study all aspects of the lives of the people who built the crannogs. They work with the different technologies to learn how things were done so we can fully understand their lives. We watched one of the volunteers demonstrate how fire was started with a bow.

The tools needed – a bow, a piece of hardwood, a piece of softwood, and (not shown) some wood shavings:

Charlotte, the volunteer, describing how the process is done.

Using the bow to turn the hardwood piece to create friction against the softwood base.

The smoke showing that a spark has begun:

Preparing to transfer the spark into the wood shavings:

Blowing lightly on the spark to encourage it to light the shavings:

Success when the fire is started!

Ducks in the loch where the crannog is:

Inside the crannog, with a volunteer in costume talking about the lives the people led.

A swallow that nests in the crannog:

Inside the roof (can you se the white spot that is the swallow?):

Herbs hanging to dry:

A storage space with bags of grain hanging, a coracle, and other supplies and tools:

The coracle:

A work area:

The stone firepit:

Rolled mats on the sleeping platform. The livestocks would have spent the night in the enclosure below to help keep the people warm:

This round island near the reconstructed crannog may be another crannog that long ago collapsed into the loch:

A blue tit at their bird feeder:

A siskin:

We went to Dundee that night, where we stayed at the lovely Hotel Indigo.

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