Monday, 26 August – Forvie National Nature Reserve, Loanhead of Daviot Stone Circle, Lodge of the Lock Aboyne

Today we started at the Forvie National Nature Reserve:

It is a beautiful location, inland moors and coastal dunes meeting to provide a unique ecosystem.

Ralph and I walked out together for a ways:

Along the way, there are signs to identify the flowers that grow in the nature reserve. Where we could we took our own pictures of the flowers:

Other flowers, we didn’t see signs for:

Then I headed back to the Visitor Centre through the dunes and Ralph walked out to the coast.

After walking behind the dunes, I kept hearing birds calls and located two birds that were talking back and forth. I believe they were stone chats, though not in their best plumage. One was down on the heather:

The other was up in some bushes and very successful at hunting:

The path led through some more dunes:

Ralph’s trek went down to the coast:

We then headed to the Daviot Loanhead Stone Circle. It turns out that the parking for the stone circle is  for the Daviot Campsite of Scouts, Scotland.

And the real name of the site is Loanhead  of Daviot Stone Circle:

This night we stayed at the Lodge on Loch Aboyne which has a wonderful view across the loch and of the birds that live around it:


Pied wagtail


Swan and other water life:

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