Friday, 16 August – Altnaharra to Tongue, Bettyhill, RSPB Broubster Leans, RSPB Forsinard Flows, Thurso

After our great breakfast, we left Altnaharrah and headed north to Tongue near the northern coast of Scotland. Then we drove from Tongue to Bettyhill and along the coast to RSPB Broubster Leans. While Broubster Leans might be a great place sometimes of the year or for people who simply want to walk through the woods and heath of Northern Scotland, when we arrived, it was gray and rainy. With the additional problem that there really was no place to park other than the single lane road, we decided to move on.

Our next stop was at RSPB Forsinard Flows which is also a railroad stop. There is a visitors center in the railroad station, a nice, large car park, and volunteers which lead walks through the RSPB reserve. I waited in the car while Ralph took the walk.

We think this might be a yellowhammer:

And Ralph was thrilled to get this shot of (probably) is a female or immature merlin:

Views of the peat bog of the flows:

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