14 August – Mallaig to Torridon Estate

We got up early to catch the ferry to Skye, so we drove part way around the bay from Mallaig and took some pictures. Here is a good view of the ferry ready to load cars onboard:

And here is the town of Mallaig:

Our second ferry ride with the car was fun and the weather was good. Then we set off for the first real drive through Scotland’s mountains. As with our first day of driving we found (well Ralph found) the roads very narrow – barely a car’s width with “passing zones” anywhere a car might round a corner and find someone coming towards them. The passing zones add maybe a car width to the road so squeeking by a vehicle of any size is nerve wracking.

On the other hand, the scenery in Northern Scotland is spectacular – but the driver is seldom able to enjoy it since there are few places to pull over to take photos.

And of course, we did not take the easiest route – we drove back through Kyle of Lochalsh, up to Stromferry, Strathcarron, through Shiledaig, then the tiny community of Torridon, and along Loch Torridon to the Torridon Estate.

Most of the trip skirted the edges of the lochs or cut across the mountains to get to the next loch. The Torridon Estate is a lovely property tucked into the woods along the Upper Loch Torridon. The house is well over a hundred years old, but the rooms have been remodeled with fabulously modern bathrooms.

The family has retained the character of the old house which is shared with the young couple and their children, so it was a very nice stay.

We also treated ourselves to a gourmet dinner at the Torridon Inn, which had great service and a beautiful view across Upper Loch Torridon.

Oh – while the house did have WiFi, it really did not have internet, so began my backup on posting to my blog.

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