July 29 A Day at Sea

We have three days before we get to Isafjordur, Iceland. I haven’t mentioned this before, on our sea day between and New York and Halifax we had to add an hour to our clocks. The sea day between Halifax and St. John’s we had to add a half hour (because Newfoundland is special). Today we added another half hour and over the next two days before we arrive in Iceland, we have to add an hour each day. After Iceland, during our two sea days before Greenock, we add another hour which will put us GMT +1 since the UK is on the equivalent of Daylight Savings Time when get there.

Today was beautiful in the morning, though cold by Tallahassee standards, about 57 F. Mid afternoon it became very foggy and we got to listen to the ship’s foghorn. By dinner it cleared but the temperature is slightly cooler. The forecast is for some rain tomorrow, but by the time we get to Iceland, it should be only partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain for the two days we will be there.

Since I didn’t take any pictures today, here are a couple I’ve taken of the ship:

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