July 28 Queen Elizabeth’s maiden call in the port of St. John’s NF

This is the first time the Queen Elizabeth that we are on has stopped at St. John’s! The entry to the harbor is very narrow, as can be seen with this view of the German ship Aida Vida entering ahead of us:

Cabot Tower can be seen at the top of Signal Hill to the right.

Here is the pilot boat approaching so the pilot can transfer to the QE to guide the ship into the harbor:

In this shot the narrow entry is very clear. The top of the Aida Vida can be seen to the right.

A colorful community on the slope as we entered the harbor:

And a mural along a road in that community:

The town of St. John’s:

Our official welcome committee to Newfoundland:

We had an excursion in the morning to Signal Hill and the Johnson GeoCenter.

Along the way the bus took us by some local sights – the Four Sisters:

Then we arrived at Signal Hill. The view is great, but I was glad there was a strong wall between me and the edge since the wind was very brisk.

Across the entrance to the harbor:

The Queen Elizabeth in St. John’ Harbor:

St. John’s with the Johnson GeoCenter at the end of the pond:

Dino and Uncle Ralph were also there:

The Johnson GeoCenter is a wonderful resource – it covers mostly the unique geology of Newfoundland and Labrador. There are lots of rock and mineral specimens as well as detailed exhibits which explain the record of Earth in the rocks. I’ve got tons more photos but cannot post them now.

After the GeoCenter the tour went by Quidi Vidi Lake and we visited the small fishing community of Quidi Vidi:

Before leaving the harbor the QE and many other ships joined in chorus of ships horns, celebrating the QE’s first visit to St. John’s. I wish I had been able to record it since it was remarkable.

As when the QE entered the harbor, many locals gathered to wave at the ship. Our last view of St. John’s:

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