July 26 Halifax, Peggy’s Cove, and the Queen Mary 2

This morning we docked at Halifax. The Queen Mary 2 came into port just before the Queen Elizabeth.

Halifax is a beautiful city and they are proud to welcome the tour boats. We docked at Pier 22. Right next door is Pier 21, the location of the Museum of Immigration, the equivalent to Ellis Island in the US.

The Queen Mary 2 was docked stern to stern with the Queen Elizabeth and Dino was excited to see her.

Our excursion was the Coastal Drive to Peggy’s Cove, a little fishing village that is now preserved – and overrun with tourists. It is still beautiful and well worth the visit.

Dino had a nice visit, too, and checked out the lighthouse with Uncle Ralph.

After we returned to the ship, we took a break and then went out to watch the departure of both the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary 2. Dino went with us to watch the festivities. Since Cunard’s founder was from Halifax the city made a big deal out of having two of the three Cunard ships visit at the same time.

All sorts of ships were there to watch:

The Queen Mary 2 as the Queen Elizabeth pulled away from the pier:

The Queen Elizabeth cruised around the island in the middle of Halifax Bay, followed by the Queen Mary 2:

As the ships passed the city, the Halifax pump boats gave us a wonderful display with their water cannons:

Dino enjoyed that part:

As both ships left the harbor, I managed to catch a shot of the harbor pilot leaving the Queen Mary 2 (this is a detail from a larger picture, so it is not very sharp):

The last views leaving Halifax Harbor:

And the view at sunset that evening:

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