Last night before our next adventure!

Tomorrow we start on our voyage to the United Kingdom. We will board the Cunard Queen Elizabeth, cruise off to New York, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Iceland, and get off the ship early in Greenock. Since we will be at sea for two weeks and I really don’t want t spend my time at the various ports posting to my blog, there will be no new posts until at least August 5 after we get off.

This is sort of a test post. The blog software has been updated and I am using a new to me software to edit pictures. So here are some test pictures from the last several months:

This is a light that has been at a former car dealership lot in Lakeland, Florida for as long as I can remember. Finally last February I managed to be able to stop and take photos of it at night. That night it wasn’t turning – most of the time it is on it rotates.

A water lily in our pond – we have white and yellow water lilies and it seems as though the two colors seldom show flowers on the same day. I like the lighting on this one!

Spider lily (Hymenocallis latifolia) – one we have “saved” several times and it is still hanging in there and producing lovely blooms. I think we have more of them but this is the one that bloomed before we left home.

OK, I think this is enough for a test, so I will write more after we arrive in Scotland!

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