A year and three finished projects later

It’s been a long year and more since I posted, but I have three projects finished!


First, one of the old painted canvases I picked up a while back to stitch when I didn’t want to concentrate, This is Spring Meadows from the Erica Wilson Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection.


Second, the mammoth from the 2012 National Fossil Day poster (https://www.nps.gov/articles/fossils-of-the-2012-national-fossil-day-artwork.htm):

On the original poster, the mammoth was in front of a sky with northern lights, but since I wanted the mammoth and smilodon to be a paired set, I changed the sky to match. The smilodon poster had a long-horned bison and a condor in the background, but I simplified it by removing them.


And last week I finished the smilodon from the 2016 National Fossil Day poster (https://www.nps.gov/articles/fossils-of-the-2016-national-fossil-day-artwork.htm):

Yeah! Three more projects removed from my To Do List!

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