Needlework Works In Progress (WIPs)

I’ve committed to completing a list of my WIPs:
1.    Tropical Box –     Marsha Papay Gomola (2011 EGA Seminar) – Started but I am going to start over
2.    Nature to Needlework – Bok Tower Door (2016 EGA Seminar) – Started
3.    Meadow Medley by Luan Callery (EGA GCC) – Started
4.    Fossil Day – Smilodon & Mastodon (Adaptations of National Fossil Day posters) – Started
5.    It’s Knot the Usual by Sue Reed (ANG Cyberstitchers Apr. 2017 project) – Collecting materials
6.    Sea Treasure – Dawn Donnelly (EGA Sun Region 2015 Seminar) – Started but I am going to start over
7.    Happy Hedgie by Ann Strite-Kurz  (2017 EGA Seminar) – Will start at the August Seminar
8.    Heron in Autumn by Laura Smith (2017 EGA Seminar) – Will start at the August Seminar

Periodically I will try to post on my progress. Right now I am rotating among four projects – the Nature to Needlepoint Bok Tower Door:

I’ve only gotten the door started and need to redo the top of what has been stitched.

In late December I started the Fossil Days pictures. They are applied with iron on transfers to Congress cloth. The sky is the only part of these two stitched, using silk floss in a swirl stitch. Next I will work on the ground areas.

Canopy Oaks Chapter of EGA, my local chapter, is taking the GCC (group correspondence course) Meadow Medley taught by Luan Callery. It is surface embroidery with a little bit of stumpwork added. I’ve finished what I am going to do for now of the first section:

The stems on the lower left are Queen Anne’s Lace and are supposed to have lots of French knots stitched to make the flowers. I hate have the knots sticking up while I stitch the other sections so will wait to stitch them when almost everything else is done.


I’m pretty pleased with my progress. Now to keep it up!


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