Stem Stitch and Outline Stitch Redux

OK, I tore out everything I had done and started that green flower over completely. While I still have some issues with it, it is as good as it will get for now. I think it looks pretty good, but I wish I had been able to get the shading a little better, especially on the petal on the upper right.

Then I got on a roll – I stitched the chain stitch flower. I did take out the very beginning of the first petal, but otherwise it went very nicely:

I went on to what is currently my least favorite crewel stitch – the coral knot stitch. While the effect is interesting, I am not sure it is worth the effort. But I am pleased at the shading effect I got, using bluish green, blue and yellowish green:

Back to the Stem Stitch versus Outline Stitch comparison. Although I had found Mary Corbet’s blog, Needle ‘N Thread, I had not really gone through it. She has some great images, videos, and comments on Stem and Outline Stitches. Start at her page on Line Stitches then go to her Video Tutorials.

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