Some of the special things that will be built into our house

We’ve got some special items we’ve collected over the years that we want to build into the new house. The most problematic will be the sand blasted glass piece made by Robert Bischoff:

We’ve got to figure out how to mount this as a fixed window – with glass on the front and back to protect it – AND edge light it for the best effect. Front lighting as seen here is just not very effective.

These are book cases made from a set that came out of the Governor’s office when the Old Florida Capitol Building was restored to the 1905 version. We want to use them to make a faux fireplace wall with a stained glass “fireplace” that was made by Bischoff Studios, possibly by George Greene.

These are some doors from the Old Capitol – the little narrow door is only 18″ wide – I think it would be great as a door for a tiny coat closet in the living room. The double doors were the entrance doors to the House of Representative Chambers. Of course, they need to be completely refinished, since the guys demolishing the Capitol were not very careful, plus they’ve been in storage for over 25 years.

We also have some other doors that we may take apart for the mahoganey paneling and molding – they were “hidden” doors and have paneling to match the rooms they were in. And we have eight exterior lamps from the Old Capitol – those we’ll have rewired and cleaned to use around the outside of the house.

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