Works In Progress (WIPs) – Top Five

OK, now for my future projects – here is the complete list with rankings:
(I may put off the Colour through Gold and the Kay Stanis Silk & Metal for a bit.)
UFOs Working – On Frames:
1. Gay Ann Rogers’ Mystery Sampler – frame – DONE!
2. Colour Through Gold – frame
3. Kay Stanis – Silk and Metal Embroidery – frame
4. Blackwork Celtic Knot Building Blocks – frame
5. Blackwork Green Man (for Ralph R.) – frame

UFOs Working – In Hand
5. Iris – in hand – Nearly DONE
6. Dinosaur stocking ornament – in hand – travel
7. David Christmas Stocking – in hand

UFOs Waiting:
8. Tut Falcon Pectoral – frame
9. Japanese Embroidery III – JE frame
10. Japanese Embroidery V – JE frame

I left off the projects that I want to do that are not on this list because they are not started… Most of those already are basically kitted up ready to start, so they won’t cost me to work – framing and finishing are a different matter!


Right now for top five priority, I think it will be:
1. Christmas Stocking (for David L.) – in hand
2. Dinosaur stocking ornament (for BJ) – in hand – travel
3. Arab Tent (for Lisa B.) – in hand – travel
4. Tut Falcon Pectoral – frame
5. Blackwork Celtic Knot Building Blocks – PREPARATION/Companion for Blackwork Green Man (for Ralph R.) – frame

Ambitious Lists! But since I started back stitching, less than two months ago, I have completed or nearly completed three projects. If I can finish my top five by the end of the year, I will be HAPPY!

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