Finished Windermere! Sad Story attached…

I finished Windermere this afternoon! The first needlework project I have completed in years – I had forgotten how great that feels!


I would have finished it last night but while stitching on it, I kept hearing all sorts of noise outside. The crows were mobbing the red shouldered hawk who kept complaining about their harrassment. In the middle of this ruckus, there was another cry. I figured it was another kind of bird, especially since when I went out on the deck, it sounded as if it was up in the trees, traveling away.

Then the strange cry came from the other side of the house. When I went to look, Edmund, DH’s cat was carrying some animal in his mouth. Then I realized he had a baby wild bunny that was kicking and screaming. I ran out and rescued the poor little guy. Called the Wildlife Rescue guys and they sent me to the animal hospital that does their work. Bunny was still alive when I dropped him off, but I am not sure he will make it. So sad.

This morning when I went out to feed the horses, there were blowflies outside – that usually means something’s dead. So I wonder if there was more than one bunny and the hawk got the one I thought was in the trees. I don’t want to look for any…

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